Be The Venue

A P.U.I. Event is just the thing to turn a slow night into a full house of paying customers. Painting Under the Influence can attract 30+ people, often new customers, into your restaurant or bar on the slow nights of the week. The paints we use are non-toxic, acrylic paints (kids paint) that can easily be cleaned with water and a sponge. (Best on uncarpeted floor).

What To Except

  • The event usually goes 2 hours, normally starting at 7 PM on weeknights and 1 PM or 5 PM on weekends (times are flexible).

  • We set up 1 hour prior to the event, and stay 1 hour afterwards to clean up.

  • You can expect at least 2 drinks per person x 30 people for the evening.

  • 90% of the customers you’ll gain will be female.

The Requirements

  • Space: Chairs and table space to support 35 people
  • Wait Staff: The bar bill will be higher if you have proactive wait staff picking up empty glasses and offering refills.
  • Music: We provide our own music on our portable speaker set, which will play when the artist is not giving instructions. It’s best if we are separated from other patrons so as not to disturb them.
  • Lighting: The brighter the better.
  • Lead Time: 4-6 weeks is preferred to promote the event properly. The more lead-time, the bigger the turnout.

So much fun! Joe was a great instructor and so funny!! The more you drink the better your picture comes out. The music was perfect for what we were painting. Highly recommend !!